elite Pet Concierge

Community Daycare Program


Our Premier service for dogs who need plenty of socialization, desensitization training, and exercise in various environments. 

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Private Dog & Cat Behavior Training


Creating a well behaved pet is our priority, and with your help, you will see results in no time!  You'll learn puppy potty training tips, basic & advanced obedience skills, and behavior modification tips to curb undesirable behaviors

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Pet Sitting


All your pets will become a part of our family and your dog(s) are welcome to  attend all our daily activities.  We provide drop-in or overnight service for cats, dogs, birds, fish, turtles, rabbits, gerbals, hampsters and more!

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Dog Walking


Running with our dogs is one thing, but taking a nice stroll to bond with & get to know them is what we strive for when we walk your dog(s). 

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Board & Train


Have you decided to go on a vacation or work trip and need 24/7 training for your puppy, cat(s) or adult dog?  Once we evaluate your pet's needs, a trainer will be assigned to stay at your home to train your pet(s) during your absence. Photo & video updates are provided daily. 

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Service Dog Training


Do you know the difference between a Therapy Dog, Service Dog, and an Emotional Support Dog?  We offer all three types of training to help you & your service dog succeed in your activities of daily living.  

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Mobile Daycare Business Hours

We remain open during most holidays and by appointment only outside of our regular business hours.