Puppy Training Behavior Modification Pet Sitting Doggy Daycare Grooming

  A trusted partner in keeping pets healthy and happy.

Puppy Training Behavior Modification Pet Sitting Doggy Daycare Grooming

  A trusted partner in keeping pets healthy and happy.


Try our Human grade Pet Food

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Better for them, easier for you. Santa Monica Paws ALL Natural human grade Pet Food, pre-portioned and delivered to your door. Our pets are our best friends. They are constant companions, great coddler's, offer endless amusement and entertainment, and never let us down. With all that dogs and cats do for us, it’s only natural that we return the favor and do all that we can to provide them with the best possible care. That’s where SMP comes in. Is your pup eating poop? Are behavioral issues starting to reveal themselves? Is your pup lethargic or over weight? Our ALL Natural food Premium Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food, is a nutrition-packed formula designed to give your dog a healthier, happier life. Once we know your pups diet restrictions, your batch is made to order, vacuum sealed and delivered. Send us the details so we can get started preparing your order. We personally come to your home or office to deliver your food! Delivery Time differs depending on where you live. For speedy serv

Commercial dog & cat foods lack the integrity to properly enrich your pups life and manufactures are falsifying the ingredients for financial gain: That’s the belief held by growing legions of pet owners, at least those who have resorted to cooking homemade meals for their dogs.  Canned & dried kibble dog food produced by the many manufactures, including the massive commercial dog food manufacturer Gravy Train, was recently recalled after clinical testing. 

We feel it is our duty to inform you that many notable pet food manufactures including but not limited to: Blue Buffalo, Canidae, Purina, and Neutro, have also fallen short in their promise to deliver quality pet food for dogs and cats, and according to the American Veterinary Association, they have harmful ingredients in them that cause heart disease, cancer, and various other life threatening diseases.

Take it from us, we know dogs & cats and our pets absolutely LOVE our homemade pet food! Improve your pet's quality of life with our advanced formula of human grade food, made specifically for your pets.

Santa Monica Paws pet food, natures way.

Check out this Holistic Pet Food video to learn good reasons why you'd want to try our Healthy Home Made Pet Food Recipe! Order yours today by calling: (424) 272-1036 or drop us an email: pets@santamonicapaws.com 

Santa Monica Paws Pet Concierge

Santa Monica Paws is Los Angeles's premier MOBILE TRAINING BUSINESS, Our Concierge of services are available to meet all your needs. When you own a pet, it's inevitable that you will need help training it, grooming/bathing it, and giving it love, exercise, and mental stimulation. This is the QUALITY OF LIFE that SantaMonicaPaws provides! 

Help Our Cause: Feed a shelter pup

Ever wonder how rescue pups get the essential nutrition they need to thrive as they take a trip into the adoption zone. Rescues get their food mainly through donation. Your support and contributions can help make that journey enjoyable by enabling us to meet our goals to improve meals for pups waiting to be shelter rescued. Lets be frank, "kibble dog food" and all its made from is not the best diet in creating  a healthy and long pet life. Don't have a favorite rescue you like, no problem we'll donate to our rescue on your behalf: Vanderpump Dogs or NKLA! 

Your generous donation will help further our efforts to feed shelter pups "ALL Natural"  human grade dog/cat food that improves quality of life as they wait for that forever home. Donate $50 and receive 5 ALL Natural meals that create a healthy happy pup!

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