Puppy Training TIPS

Watch this puppy training video and learn how to teach your dog to wait for water.

Hourly Private Training Sessions

Your trainer(s) will cover as much material as possible within the time frame allotted.

Private Training Packages for Puppies

Private Training Packages for Adult Dogs

Dogs with moderate to severe anxiety or aggression should enroll in our Transitional Training Behavior Modification Program

Private In-Home Training Programs

A discounted rate will be given to repeat customers who complete 2 or more training packages!

Teaching "come recalls" to your pup!

Check out this instructional video of how to teach your dog to COME to you reliably

Behavior Modification Packages

Dog Essentials Package

Dog Essentials Package

Dog Essentials Package


10 Day Behavior Modification Enrichment Training Program

up to 4 hours per day

Dog Complete Package

Dog Essentials Package

Dog Essentials Package

Dog Training

15 Day Behavior Modification Enrichment Training Program
up to 4 hours per day 

Luna sits and waits during an enrichment training exercise in Playa Vista.

Transitional Training/Impulse Control

Fast Track Intensive Program

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Great PACKAGE for transitioning cats & dogs to domestic life!

3 Day Behavior Modification Package at a better value! 


Did you just adopt a dog/cat from a Shelter or a Rescue organization that seems well behaved but needs some adjustment training? Does your pup bark incessantly? Is she/he a jumper when guests come over?Is your pup peeing everywhere?  Is your dog digging up your yard all of a sudden? We commonly we receive cases where dogs are showing signs of SEPARATION ANXIETY and/or AGGRESSION.  

Transition training is the cornerstone of building a solid foundation in your home, to set your pet(s) up for success! 

You'll learn ways to gradually transition your cat or dog into their forever home in a manner that is beneficial for your pet, and ensures their safety & happiness.  

In this course we will help you learn the best practices for transitioning a dog/cat from a shelter/rescue environment to a forever home.  We will start training your pet to understand rules, boundaries, and limitations.  Basic Obedience cues are helpful when teaching pets the rules.  For instance, we can teach your dog to sit, lay down, come, stay and more!  Dogs with severe anxiety and/or severe aggression will be considered.  Initial Training Evaluation required for dogs with questionable behavior.