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Elite Pet Concierge *pet services*

Our dog training, dog daycare, and other pet services cover West Los Angeles, Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey and the surrounding Beach Cities.  No need to come to us, we will go directly to you and will provide all of our Pet Services in the comfort of your own home environment.

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Cat & Dog Behavior Training

Behavior Modification

Our pet services include Counter-Conditioning dog training exercises to modify your dog(s) undesirable behavior(s). 

Training takes place during our community dog daycare program. 

We will be taking your pet to multiple training locations in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey

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Puppy Training

Start your puppy's life out on the right track with our dog training programs! 

Learn more about our how our pet services and community dog daycare program can be a lifesaver for you!   

You'll receive potty training tips & we will gladly socialize your puppy in our doggy day care with other small and large breeds. 

Puppy training services are offered in many locations of Los Angeles, yet primarily in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey

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Obedience Training

Learn various techniques to teach your dog on and off leash commands: 

sit, stay, come, down, wait, leave-it, no, and go to bed. 

Take advantage of our one of a kind dog training dog daycare and our vast array of pet services.  

We are always located in remote dog friendly areas such as Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica. 

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Mobile Dog Daycare with Training Service


Customized 10 Day Intensive Training Program

 (1-3 hours/day)

*This structured program is recommended for puppies & adult dogs who need daily exercise and mentally stimulating activities to facilitate & enhance their development.
*Evaluation (1 hour) required prior to acceptance into this program

*Your dog(s) must pass our rigorous treatment test before he/she can be enrolled in this specialized 10 Day treatment program

Methods of Training we use:
Positive Reinforcement

Science Based Theory

Relationship & Leadership
Classical & Operant Conditioning

*Socialization Component:

Our trainers will focus on improving your dog’s leash walking skills and introducing your dog to community stimuli. 

*Structured Activities Include:

basic and advanced obedience training 

hiking (on & off leash)

trust building exercises

safe social play

improving manners 

walks around people, dogs, environmental stimuli (skateboards, bikes, scooters, etc...)

leisure outings at dog friendly stores 

dog friendly restaurants or cafes

visits to museums and art galleries

Competitive Sports: agility & coursing

social play at dog friendly beaches

swimming, treadmill exercise, bike riding, introducing rules, boundaries, & limitations. 

For Pricing Contact Brad: (424) 272-1036 

*dog training, pet services, dog daycare in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and  West LA


In home Training visits

Puppy or adult dog training in your home

Puppies ages 2 months and up 

Here are some of the training exercises that will be worked on with your pet while you are away, and more specific tips and helpful information will be provided for you during each day of the stay and at your follow up session: potty training, crate training, play, socialization, nutritional education, feeding, exercise, walks, basic obedience.  

Adult Dogs 12 months and older

Here are some of the training exercises that will be worked on with your pet and more specific tips and helpful information will be provided for you during each day of the stay and at your follow up session: behavior modification, loose leash walking, exercise, basic & advanced obedience, structured daily routine, dog daycare, and other pet services

*All new customers will receive an initial dog training evaluation and you are encouraged to complete a one hour follow-up session with your trainer within 7 days after the training reservation ends.  

*You must complete our In Home Training Form prior to begining your dog's training reservation. 

*All vaccinations & flea medications must be current and provided for our records.

*We will also be training your puppy at several of our ideal training locations in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey


Pet sitting: Call to Book an Appointment



During an overnight Pet Sitting stay your dog will not be left home alone, unless you request this.  

Your dog will become a member of our family and we will include him in all our daily activities, especially our community dog daycare program, which focuses primarily on dog training.  

Our pet services are comprehensive and we provide them in many locations all throughout Los Angeles, and primarily in places like Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey

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We love and adore our cat customers, just as much as we love dog training.  

Our cat sitting pet services are just as interactive as our community dog daycare program.  

We love to spend time with cats that show affection towards humans.  

We will play with your cat with interactive toys and for cats that are not affraid of humans, they will receive abundant amounts of TLC during each visit.   

Cat Services are commonly Drop-In Visits which last 30-60 minutes, depending on how long you'd like someone to visit with your furbie friend(s).  

We cover a wide region of service areas, although we primarily we work in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey.

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Not only do we practice dog training a majority of the time, we also provide other pet services including dog daycare and pet sitting for your small furry critters and feathered friends.  

We have experience caring for exotic macaw birds and parrots, turtles, rabbits, and fresh water & salt water tropical fish. 

We primarily Pet Sit animals in areas like Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey

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Dog Walking

60 Minute Walks (by appointment only)

Your dog will love our 1 hour walks in your neighborhood.  

We will report when your dog has gone potty and we will send you video and photo updates during and after the walk.  

Your dog will remain on leash at all times during all walks with Santa Monica Paws, unless you specify otherwise.  

Let us know if your dog is dog-to-dog and dog-to-human friendly.  Please tell us where we can find the leash, harness, or collar for your pet(s).  We will gladly use our tools (with your approval)  if we feel it's necessary for your' dog's safety.  

We walk at a medium pace and allow your dog freedom to stop and sniff as much as they'd like.  

If you'd like your dog to learn not to pull on walks or to refrain from jumping, that is considered dog training, and we charge additional cost for those pet services.  Our dog daycare is a Specialized Training Service.  Ask a trainer for more information.  

We Accept Dog Walks in our 5 mile radius in areas like Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica.

Fitness & Exercise Needs

If you'd like us to do some dog training and more exercise than a moderate walk, like playing ball or fetch with your dog in the backyard, let us know before you book your walks with us. Our Dog Walking and dog daycare pet services are primarily held in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey

Nutritional Needs

If you believe your dog needs dog training treats during their walk, a meal after their walk, or water during their walk please notify us before the walk begins.  It is customary practice for us to provide fresh water for your dog after each walk and during all active pet services, such as while participating in our dog daycare.  Our Dog Walks last one hour and maily take place in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Westchester, Venice, and Marina del Rey.