Dog Walking

60 Minute Walks

Your dog will love our 1 hour walks in your neighborhood.  We walk at a medium pace and allow your dog freedom to stop and sniff as much as they'd like.  We will report when your dog has gone potty and we will send you video and photo updates during and after the walk.  Your dog will remain on leash at all times during all walks with Santa Monica Paws, unless you specify otherwise.  Let us know if your dog is dog-to-dog and dog-to-human friendly.  Please tell us where we can find the leash, harness, or collar for your pet(s).  We will gladly use our tools (with your approval)  if we feel necessary for your' dog's safety.  

Fitness & Exercise Needs

If you'd like us to do more exercise than a moderate walk, like playing ball or fetch with your dog in the backyard, let us know before you book your walks with us.

Nutritional Needs

If you believe your dog needs treats during their walk, a meal after their walk, or water during their walk please notify us before the walk begins.  It is customary practice for us to provide fresh water for your dog after each walk.  

Pet sitting



We pride ourselves on the exceptional service we provide for all our customers during a pet sitting stay at your home with your dog.   Your dog will become a part of our family and will attend all our daily activities.



When given the chance to cat sit we love and adore those cats that are interactive and love to spend time with humans.  We will play and provide TLC with your cat (s) for as long as the visit allows.  



We take care of all your pets, including your small furry critters and feathered friends.  We have experience caring for exotic macaw birds and parrots, turtles, rabbits, and fresh water & salt water tropical fish. 




Mobile Daycare with Training


(This customized program lasts 4 hours)

This structured program is recommended for puppies & adult dogs of all ages who need counterconditioning & desensitization, socialization with other dogs, constant mental stimulation, and dogs that are active who need a lot of structured exercise.  It focuses on improving social interaction with other dogs, proper leash walking skills, gradual introduction to community triggors for fearful dogs & dogs with generalized anxiety.  Some of the activities that your dog (s) will be a part of include (not an exhasustive list): basic and advanced obedience training (on and off leash), hiking (on & off leash), trust building, proper social play, proper manners while participating in structured walks around other people and dogs, structured leisure outings at dog friendly department stores, dog friendly restaurants or cafes, visits to museums and art galleries, tracking, rallying, agility & coursing, unstructured play on dog friendly beaches, structured swimming, treadmill exercise, bike riding, and introducing rules, boundaries, and limitations.  


Board & Train

Puppy and adult dog training in your home while you are away

Puppies ages 2 months-11 months 

potty training, crate training, play, socialization, nutritional education, feeding, exercise, walks, basic obedience.  

Adult Dogs 12 months to Senior

behavior modification, loose leash walking, exercise, basic & advanced obedience, structured daily routine

*All  new customers will receive an initial evaluation and are required to complete a one hour training session with the trainer within 7 days after the board & train stay ends.  

*You must complete our  Board & Train Form prior to begining your dog's board & train stay. 

*All vaccinations & flea medications must be current and provided for our records.

*We will consider boarding and training your puppy at our private location in Playa Del Rey, CA (restrictions apply).


Cat & Dog Behavior Training

Behavior Modification

Counter-Conditioning exercises to modify your cat(s) and/or dog(s) undesirable behavior(s)

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Puppy Training

Start your puppy's life out on the right track! Learn potty training tips & socialize your puppy

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Basic & Advanced Obedience

Learn various techniques to teach your dog on and off leash commands: 

sit, stay, come, down, wait, leave-it, no, and go to bed. 

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