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Overnight Pet Sitting & Drop In Visits

Pet Sitting Trajan in Santa Monica, California

Overnight Pet Sitting

Not Comfortable Leaving your Pets Home Alone? 

We've Got it Covered! One of our Trusted Pet Sitters will stay at your home to care for your animals.   Our experienced pet owners and handlers are well equip to meet all your household and pets needs any day of the week!  Our Pet Sitting program is unique in that we also take extra special care of your other family pets while you are gone and we will include your dogs in our daycare program during the week!

There's no need to fret over finding a qualified trustworthy professional, because we have what it takes to make sure your pets feel happy, safe, and comfortable in their own home.  All our Pet Professionals are insured and bonded by Kennel Pro, so you can be rest assured that your home will be in the same or better condition than when you left.  Your bedding sheets and towels will be washed and put back on the bed before you return home.  Your trash will be emptied and pet areas & common areas will be kept clean and given proper daily care and respect.  Mail & packages that are left outside your door or mailbox will be brought inside.  Dog & Cat beds, toys, bowls, and other equipment will be washed as needed. 

No more sending your dog away to a sub-par standard boarding facility or vet office where your precious pet(s) will not be "cage free", and must be restricted in their freedom to roam and play with other dogs and humans. We know that not only do your family pets need extra special TLC, but they need to be interacted with, fed and given exercise several times throughout the day! That's just what we will do for you at a cost that is reasonable and affordable! Now that's value that you can count on! 

Your pet's day will include meals, multiple daily walks, bathroom breaks, cat litter clean-up, and playtime.  

Meet and Greet appointments take place 7 days a week.  Contact us to set up an appointment.   


Requirement: Create an Account to Access our FORMS.  Email Customer Info Sheet Forms to: pets@santamonicapaws.com 

You will also be kept updated with photos and videos!


Drop-In Visits

For Pet Parents on the Go  

A Trusted Pet Sitter will come by your home to check-up on your pets throughout the day. 

Your Cat(s), Rabbits, Birds, Fish, and other animals will be cared for 1-2 times per day for up to 30 minutes per visit.  


 Meet and Greet appointments take place 7 days a week.  Contact us to set up an appointment.  


Requirement: Create an Account to Access our FORMS.  Email Customer Info Sheet Forms to: pets@santamonicapaws.com 

You will also be kept updated with photos and videos!



Boarding allows your dog to be cared for in a trusted Santa Monica Paws Pet Sitter's Home.  There's no need to keep your pet in a crate while in our care.  We offer a CAGE FREE boarding experience for your pup, unless otherwise specified by each pet owner.  We do have different sized crates for small dogs if your dog requires the need to be in a crate while sleeping overnight.  Your pet will receive unconditional love, cuddles, playtime, unlimited baths (as needed), and up to 3 meals per day.  Meet and Greet appointments take place 7 days a week.  Contact us to set up an appointment. 

 Requirement: Create an Account to Access our FORMS.  Email Customer Info Sheet Forms to: pets@santamonicapaws.com 

You will also be kept updated with photos and videos!

Teach your puppy to "Come" when called

Check out this private puppy training video featuring Hazel the Aussie Shepherd, who lives with Elle & Matt Bellamy in Brentwood, Los Angeles

Board & Train

Ziggy lives in Beverly Hills. She enjoys crate training & potty training lessons.

Training in your home or at ours

  • we train your dog (s) when you are on vacation or out of town for business 
  • multiple dogs will receive discounted rates
  • Training Evaluation Required before booking 
  • Basic Obedience & Advanced Obedience Training 
  • Our In-Home Training Agreement must be completed before finalizing a booking
  • Training to curb/eliminate problem behaviors 
  • Size/Weight Restrictions may apply 
  • Call to Book a Training Evaluation ($175 Fee Applies)
  • Call for a Quote 

Doggy Daycare: with training


à la carte (CASH ONLY) $85/day

  • for dogs who require extra daily training and for dogs with behavior issues who need behavior modification & counter conditioning training
  • your dog will return home within a 4-5 hour period from the start of his/her daycare program each day
  • flexible start and end times
  • vaccinations & flea medication must remain current 
  • breed restrictions apply
  • time requested outside of daycare hours are subject to an additional fee 
  • Daycare Hours: 9am-5pm
  • pick up and drop off service included

Our MOBILE DAYCARE is an essential program.  It's ENRICHING for your dogs, and decreases the amount of behavioral problems that your dog may be exhibiting at home or when you are out and about with them in society.  Puppies will learn to behave in public though Basic & Advanced Obedience Training in more distracting environments! 

As a courtesy, we send you photo and video updates throughout the day so you can be rest assured that your dog is in good hands and they are getting the training needed to be a well mannered dog! 

Many doggy daycare facilities are overcrowded & unsafe, are understaffed, have workers that are not fully qualified to safely engage with dogs of all temperaments, and simply have limited resources to help these dogs get ALL their mental, psychological, and physical needs met in that type of environment. 

With Santa Monica Paws Dog Trainers and Professional Pet Handlers, your dogs will be treated as if they are our own.  For your convenience, we will gladly pick them up and drop them off each day.  Ask for a Daily or Weekly Schedule to learn what activities we provide. 

Santa Monica Paws Daycare looks like this: 

  1. taking walks out in nature to areas where they will receive 1:1 and group training 
  2. exploring the hustle and bustle of city life 
  3. lounging & taking a break at pet friendly cafes and restaurants 
  4. shopping at pet friendly stores and department stores when the weather is rainy
  5. roaming freely on sandy beaches 
  6. enjoying some much needed exercise and socialization at pet friendly parks and hiking trails with their playmates.   

Doggy Daycare: without training


Play & Socialization Program

Does your dog always need social attention from people & other dogs?  Do you feel bad about leaving your pup at home when you go to work?  Is your dog well behaved?  

If you answered "YES" to these questions, then this program is for your dog! 

à la carte (CASH ONLY) $65/day

  • You pup will be entertained for 4-7 hours
  • flexible start and end times
  • breed restrictions apply
  • time requested outside of daycare hours are subject to an additional fee
  • Daycare Hours: 9am-5pm 
  • pick up and drop off service included 

Prerequisites & Qualifications:

  • Your dog should have a solid understanding of basic obedience
  • Your dog must have a good temperament and be social with others
  • Your dog does NOT require any training and is well behaved in public
  • dogs must be at least 10 months old

Questions or Comments?

Please let us know by writing us an email: pets@santamonicapaws.com

Doggy Daycare Training Packages


10 Day Enrichment Program

up to 4 hours per day

15 Day Enrichment Program
up to 4 hours per day

*Prerequisite: Training Evaluation required prior to acceptance into this program

  • daily exercise and mentally stimulating activities will be provided
  • Your dog(s) must pass our rigorous temperament test before he/she can be enrolled in this specialized 10 Day treatment program
  • You dog must complete this program within a 30 day period
  • Packages do not roll over once you've reached the 30th day

For questions about our dog training, pet services, or dog daycare in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Marina del Rey, and West LA, contact us by sending an email to: pets@santamonicapaws.com

"Killua" Blue Bay Shepherd enrolled in our Puppy Essentials Training Package in Bel Air, California

We enjoy training "Killua" a Blue Bay Shepherd who belongs to NFL defensive end player Myles Garrett

Puppy Training Essentials Packages

In-Home Drop-In Visits

15-20 Day Essentials Packages

  • Drop In visits:  1-3 hours
  • no breed restriction
  • convenient way to train your puppy when you cannot be home
  • we come to your home to train your puppy
  • all packages must be paid in full before services are rendered
  • In Home Training Form must be submitted before services are rendered
  • Builds a basic obedience rooted in "sit and wait" training thats effective from near or far away. (ex. chasing ball into street. Pup is taught to sit n wait instead of chase ball)

Puppies ages 6 weeks and up are encouraged  to enroll.

*Even if your puppy is not fully vaccinated, we will still be precautionary training your puppy at several of our ideal training locations in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Venice, Playa Del Rey, and Marina del Rey 

Puppy Training for King Charles Cavalier puppies

Puppy Training "Charlie" & "Roxy"- King Charles Cavaliers belonging to Debra Panzer of Brentwood, LA

Dog Walking


60 Minute Walks (by appointment only)

$40 for 1 hour

Food and Medication Administration are extra cost

Your dog will love our 1 hour walks in your neighborhood.  

We will report when your dog has gone potty and we will send you video and photo updates during and after the walk. 

Let us know if your dog is dog-to-dog and dog-to-human friendly.  Please tell us where we can find the leash, harness, or collar for your pet(s).  We will gladly use our tools (with your approval)  if we feel it's necessary for your' dog's safety.  

We walk at a medium pace and allow your dog freedom to stop and sniff as much as they'd like.  

If you'd like your dog to learn not to pull on walks or to refrain from jumping, that is considered dog training, and we charge additional cost for those pet services.  Our dog daycare is a Specialized Training Service.  Ask a trainer for more information.  

We Accept Dog Walks in our 5 mile radius in areas like Playa Vista, Marina del Rey, and Santa Monica.

Gus gets exercise in our daycare program while at a dog park in playa vists

Fitness & Exercise Needs

If you'd like us to do some dog training and more exercise than a moderate walk, like playing ball or fetch with your dog in the backyard, let us know before you book your walks with us. Our Dog Walking and dog daycare pet services are primarily held in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, and Marina del Rey


Nutritional Needs

If you believe your dog needs dog training treats during their walk, a meal after their walk, or water during their walk please notify us before the walk begins.  It is customary practice for us to provide fresh water for your dog after each walk and during all active pet services, such as while participating in our dog daycare.  Our Dog Walks last one hour and maily take place in Playa Vista, Santa Monica, Westchester, Venice, and Marina del Rey.